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Politics student @ Nottingham

We know every university experience is different, but also it is always useful to hear from former and current students studying your ideal course, or at your top-choice university. To this end, we have pooled ideas from our current Elite IB office team, who have provided their best recollections of a day in the first-year life of…

Ebba holds a BA in Politics and MA in Diplomacy from the University of Nottingham. She remembers university fondly, especially first year, and here’s what she has to say about her experience…

As a first year Politics student at the University of Nottingham, the absolute best thing in the eyes of a former IB student is the fact that you in a week typically have 4 subjects, each with one 50 minute lecture followed by a 1.5 hour seminar. In many ways this can seem like little contact hours, but after having spent months cramming two years worth of knowledge for 6 different subjects, it is an amazing feeling to be able to focus solely on political subjects, and to be able to do so largely at your own pace and time.

A normal day could consist of me sleeping until 8, walking 20 minutes to a lecture up at the main campus. This would be followed by heading over to the Hallward Library where I would find some friends and find a desk with them to work at for the day (unless of course it was the essay deadline week in which case we would all fight for desks on the quiet floors!). Following this I would go and buy a Boots meal deal from the Portland Building and maybe head over to the SU to stock up on pens (or perhaps sweets). I would then make my way to an afternoon seminar in one of my modules, after which I would hurry over to the gym, change to my sports clothes and take part in 1.5 hours of Thai boxing training. After this, I would normally make my way home and start getting ready to head off to a pre-lash before heading out to one of the Student Nights out in Nottingham city centre….!