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Student @ Warwick University

We know every university experience is different, but also it is always useful to hear from former and current students studying your ideal course, or at your top-choice university. To this end, we have pooled ideas from our current Elite IB office team, who have provided their best recollections of a day in the first-year life of…

Andres is a current University of Warwick undergraduate who has joined Elite IB as a summer intern. As high a achieving IB graduate and current first year student he has lots to say about the university experience…

Andres – Law & Business Student, Warwick

Being a first year student at Warwick means that you are more likely to be woken up by the quack of geese than by your own alarm. It does not feel right – you are in one of the best universities in the country, but you feel like you live on a farm. I guess that’s the cost of living on campus. If it’s a weekday, chances are you haven’t slept much after a fun night out. You still don’t understand why everybody goes out to Kasbah on a Monday or Smack on a Tuesday… What’s wrong with Saturday nights out? You pull yourself out of bed and go to your lecture or seminar.

Walking around campus is a nice stroll, but you are late and don’t have time for that. You run to your lecture hall, either just in time or five minutes late, and try to keep up with the fast-talking lecturer. 

Now, your timetable varies every day. Some days you will have back-to-back lectures, other days you will just have one seminar. If you have an hour or so between lectures, you either go back to your room or hang out with your friends at one of the several pubs and cafés on campus… or the library, where many people enjoy hanging out and making sure those who need to study can’t concentrate.

That’s pretty much the whole routine, though you might endure through the occasional laundry day or the walking trip to Tesco. As night falls, you will either have a quiet night of Netflix or go out with your friends… and before you realise, the geese are waking you up to start a new day.