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University of Warwick

University of Warwick is a fairly new and innovative university with a focus on students and their wellbeing. It is constantly ranked within Top 10 of UK universities, and is popular with prospective students as well as employers looking for graduate employees. Here’s a little bit about it in focus…

As a campus university, Warwick has everything within reach, including the library, cafes, learning spaces, and restaurants. The only exception would be if you ever need to use the hospital, which is an hour bus ride away, just outside Coventry city centre. If you find yourself ever in need, the university’s Health Centre will give you clear directions on how to get there and the exact department you’ll need. The Health Centre itself is near the SU building, and you can simply call to make a reservation before visiting in person. If you get any prescriptions from your visit, there’s a pharmacy right inside the SU building so you can easily pop in after your visit to the Health Centre.

That’s physical health covered, so let’s move on to mental health. You have everything from counselling services to Nightline, which is a free, non-judgemental service where they listen to whatever you have to say, no matter how controversial it may be. You can call them, message them, or pop into their building, whichever you feel most comfortable doing. Warwick also offers many workshops and one day classes regarding mental health, especially around exam period, when students struggle the most. Regular dog visits are a popularity between students and you you can book a time slot to pet and cuddle with friendly dogs in the library.

Even if you’re not a book person, Warwick’s library will be a handy place to pop in once in a while if you ever need a space to chill or study at between lectures, or if you quickly need to print something. You might also choose to borrow your textbook from the library rather than buying a printed copy. It’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can literally pop in anytime you want. Just make sure to bring your student ID as you’ll need it to enter the building.

Warwick is a very international university, and you’ll be able to meet students from different countries with all sorts of backgrounds. This means you’ll hear a variety of languages simply walking around campus, and there are language exchanges and cultural societies you can take part of! Speaking of societies, Warwick SU ensures a diverse range from academic societies that help you with your course and career to societies related to charities, games and activities. Sports clubs are usually considered separately but are an equally great chance to meet people who share same interests as you. Taking part in societies and sports clubs are a great way to make new friends and to spend time outside of coursework and your regular friend groups.

If you’re ever worried about future and career, Warwick’s got you covered here as well. As a highly trusted university by employers, Warwick has several workshops related to CV making and job interviews, and companies will often drop in to talk to students and explain their employment process. Many society and departmental events are also hosted by firms, and they’re a great chance to meet current employees and talk about your concerns. If you’re in need of quick money, Warwick offers several part time jobs for students, including working in the SU cafe and bar. Always look out for Careers emails with updates on new vacancies.

Every student is looking for something different in a university. Warwick makes sure it has everything a student needs, whether it’s academics, secure employment or fun. It ensures students are satisfied where they are and that they are getting the best university experience possible. As a beautiful campus with new and renovated buildings, University of Warwick is a pleasurable place to stay and study at.

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