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Campus University Life

All universities are different, but campus and city universities are particularly different form each other. It might be difficult to decide which one you’d prefer, so here’s a peak at campus universities to help you out a bit.

As a first year, you’ll probably live in a residence hall. You’ll have lecture theatres and seminar rooms quite close to where you live, so you might be able to get away with waking up only a few minutes before your lecture. If you’re a second year or older, you’ll need a bus ride or a walk to get to campus first before you can start moving between buildings.

Lunch isn’t too big of a problem. You can either make something in your kitchen at a residence hall or there will be small cafes and restaurants with reasonably cheap prices and possible student discounts. Sometimes you might be able to catch a food market too.

Then you go back to moving between buildings, spending some time in the library or learning spaces if you have an hour or two between classes.

Everything, and everyone, will be close to each other. Residence halls are within walking distance from each other and students meet at the bus stop to go back home. Most society events will be on campus, friends can go for a night out and come back safely together. If your university is in a small city, most of the people you meet at a night out will also be from your university, so it’s very likely to bump into your friends / coursemates / flatmates / society mates!

Campus universities feel like small towns where everyone knows each other and gets along. We all go through similar ups and downs and know the struggles. You’ll be part of a community and you’ll never be alone.

Campus Universities