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Law Student

Our EIB University Consulting team have more than 20 years of first-hand university experiences between them. Here, they take the chance to reflect on a typical day in the life of a Law student.

As a first year, I had most of my lectures in the morning which forced me to wake up early. I would shower (if I woke up early enough), get ready, and head to the lecture theatre or seminar room with my flatmate who also studied law. Some days I just didn’t get enough sleep because I would go to bed way too late the night before, and so I’d take a short nap once I got back from the lecture.

Lunch could be dreadful if you didn’t do your grocery shopping properly, but I was usually able to pull it off with pasta and some vegetables. If you had nothing whatsoever, there’s is sandwich shop that makes great lunches for a pretty good deal – from £2.70!

If you’re lucky you might also catch the food market with amazing pizza and burgers!

Afternoons are filled with preparations for seminars and readings for lectures. Warwick offers study spaces from the library and the Oculus building to the Learning Grids, which are all a bit different so everyone can pick a favourite.

A large amount of my day is also filled with chatting with my friends and hanging out, going to cafes or just chilling in our bedrooms. This usually happens in the evening when everyone’s back from lectures and have finished their work.

Once the sun properly sets, we grab a couple drinks. It’s only smart to do this when you don’t have early morning classes the next day, as you’ll definitely regret it in the morning. Nights out aren’t for everyone, but they can be a fun way to release stress and spend time with your friends.

Every student will have different experiences, even if we all go to the same university or study the same subject. There’s nothing you have to do (other than doing your work), so find what you like and fill your day with it.

You’ll be able to enjoy university no matter what type of person you are.

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