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UCAS 2020-2021 Entry Report for IBDP Admissions


With the impact of COVID-19 leading to upheaval in the geopolitical landscape, the stage for UK university admissions is no exception. Changes in the exams both for May 2020 and May 2021, the expected drops in overseas applicants, and lowering student offers as universities try to get to grips with swings in student numbers, attendance, and fees means that there have been unprecedented levels of uncertainty.

To help higher education counselors and DP coordinators navigate these waters and support students applying for 2021 and 2022 entry, EIB has prepared its Annual UCAS Entry Report. This document covers timely questions on:

  • The impact of the May 2020 exams
  • Recent trends in admissions, such as the shift towards unconditional offers
  • The new maths syllabus

More general advice is also included:

  • How the IB works for UCAS and UK entries
  • Choosing universities and their IB requirements
  • Admissions and offer statistics for IB students

This report was drawn together using data from official UCAS and IBSCA sources, as well as EIB Admission’s research into university statistics, and is available here.