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Final UCAS Checklist

You are almost ready to submit ahead of the 15th January deadline, but you need to ensure you make no silly errors in the last days before your applications are sent off- use our last-minute checklist to ensure your UCAS applications will go off without a hitch!

Personal & academic details

  1. Fee status- have you checked this is correct with your parents/guardian? Offers may be delayed if universities have to follow up to check your fee status with you
  2. Full academic history- including anything you are resitting or which you would rather leave off- you must include everything!
  3. Prior qualifications- do you have the certificates to hand to ensure you enter the information exactly as displayed on them?
  4. Contact details- triple check these!
  5. Current studies- full details of everything you are currently studying
  6. Relevant work experience


  1. All five choices selected
  2. Universities selected properly- check campus codes!
  3. Courses selected properly- check course codes!
  4. No more than one choice with entrance requirements above your predicted grades
  5. None where you don’t meet the prerequisites
  6. None you would be unhappy to attend
  7. All five courses for (broadly) the same thing
  8. No more than one course at the same institution, unless explicitly discussed and agreed with your careers adviser

Personal statement

  1. Character limit
  2. Line limit
  3. Formatting
  4. Grammar & spelling
  5. Sentence structure & punctuation
  6. Editing errors


  1. Proofread everything!
  2. Submit with enough time for your referee to add the reference, including making allowances for weekends or national holiday

  3. Ensure you check your email regularly once you submit, including your spam folder!