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Freshers Week: What To Expect

You’ve finished your exams, had an amazing summer, and are getting ready to move to university- exciting times! But what can you expect of your first few days, and what on earth is freshers week? We asked two current students to run us through their experiences of moving to university and their advice for your first few days.

Andres and Jeehyun are current University of Warwick undergraduates who have joined Elite IB as summer interns. As high achieving IB graduates and current university students, they are here to tell you how to get started at university and hit the ground running with a fantastic freshers week!

Andres – Moving to university is a rush of emotions. You are sad about not seeing your family, you are excited about your new life and you are nervous about meeting new people. You know you will have to start taking care of yourself, and that includes doing your own laundry, going grocery shopping and cooking for yourself. But you also know you will be free to come and go as you please and do (almost) whatever you’d like. Being independent has its ups and downs, as you find out rather quickly during the first few weeks of university.

Freshers week is probably the most fun time of the academic year. With daily events and nights out, even party animals struggle to keep up with the tight social schedule. With so much to do, your week will fly by! Freshers is not just about going out; there are societies fairs, taster sessions and other social gatherings for you to get a feel of what the university has to offer. Freshers week will be the time you meet most people, some of whom may become your best friends, some of whom you won’t even see again for the rest of the year. The point of Freshers is not to become the most popular kid, but to find out where you fit in and how you can take advantage of all the available opportunities to make the most of your time at university.

Jeehyun– First days at university are difficult. You’ll be nervous to meet new people and live in a new environment, especially if it’s your first time living on your own. It’s especially nerve wracking to meet people you’ll be living with, but there’s no need to be. Say hi and maybe start a little chat throughout the busy day of settling in. Have a proper conversation in the evening with a cup of tea or a drink of alcohol. There will be loads of events in and out of campus – make plans to go together.

Remember, everyone’s nervous and want to make friends. You’ll spend most of freshers getting to know new people. But don’t get stressed if you can’t seem to find perfect friends. As the year goes on, you’ll find people you get along with more easily. There’s no need to go to all fresher’s events in order to fit in. Attend ones you think you’ll enjoy – after all, you want to find people who enjoy similar things.

Last thing to do during freshers week is to get bogged down with work. It will definitely be helpful to attend lectures, but there’s no need to revise every night. Lecturers will focus on introducing you to the course. Things covered in first week will rarely, if ever, come up in the exam or be that important.

So have fun! Enjoy trying new things and meeting new people. It might get lonely a bit and you might miss your dog. But keep yourself busy and you’ll soon find yourself completely adjusted to your new university life.